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Club History

We began as an informal group after an existing Sydney member of the SLK World Forum welcomed another Sydney owner’s introductory August 2013 post on the site. When it transpired that the two resided in the same district, they and their wives met for lunch at a local Country Club where personal compatibility and shared appreciation of the classic lines of the Mercedes SLK prompted efforts to involve other Sydney SLK World forum members in forming a local group.
This led four owners and partners (with a further apology) to meet on September 29, 2013 for morning coffee in a leafy café setting at Galston and a decision to repeat the coffee meeting and follow with a social cruise in company. That occurred in November with a cruise from Galston via Wiseman’s Ferry and onto the Riverside Oaks golf club for lunch. Continued trawling of the SLK World site soon brought another owner and partner into the fold.
When overtures to the major Sydney Mercedes Club and the MB Classic Car Club of Newcastle failed to elicit favourable responses to us joining as an SLK Register, a further coffee meet was held on February 23, 2014 in the Parramatta Riverside cafe. There, with another owner and partner who had joined in the interim, the group resolved to establish an independent Mercedes SLK Club, adopted a constitution and elected the inaugural committee.
The Club is the first dedicated Mercedes SLK Club in Australia and the founder of the SLK World Forum, Brian Rowbotham was pleased to accept the role of Patron. Before year’s end one of our enterprising members established the Club’s website and in 2015 another initiated the Club Facebook page.
The result has been the creation of a club with a balanced mix of informal cruises and social meetings.


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