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Information, tips and tricks to help keep your Mercedes SLK in tip-top condition.

Accelerator & Transmission Reset Procedures reset mercedes transmission.pdf
Vario Roof Manual 287 HO 04 Vario Roof (CrullG) 08-17-04.pdf
R170 Drivers Manual 2004_slk230_slk320_slk32amg - Drivers Manual.pdf
R171 Drivers Manual 2006_slk280_slk350_slk55amg.pdf
Mercedes Command Console (v2.0) Unlock Codes MERCEDES_COMAND_UNLOCK_CODES_k_.pdf
R171 Audio & Communications Manual 287 HO 02 Audio & Communications (CrullG) 08-02-04.pdf
Brake Dust Repellant Study Brake Dust Article.pdf
The Broomstick Roof Prop Method For Lube etc BROOMSTICK ROOF METHOD.pdf
Upgrading SLK200 Brakes To SLK350 Standard UPGRADING SLK BRAKES TO SLK 350 STANDARD.pdf
How to Install the "Smart Top" Remote Roof Gizmo. Smart Top Installation
Smart tops on the SLK Store.
Useful links and contact info for services & Parts. SLK Parts Sources.pdf
Wheels - PCD and Offset Explained Wheels - PCD & Offset.pdf
Here is a link for a video on the application of Gummi Pflege.
An article on brake dust control and wheel care. Brake Dust.pdf
The Wheel and Tyre Bible
The Suspension Bible
The Engine Oil Bible
The Brake Bible
The Steering Bible
SLK Road test article: "Spotlight - All 3 SLK Generations Head to Head"
Trunk /Roof Rattle Solution SLK ROOF & BOOT RATTLE SOLUTIONS.pdf
Ceramic or semi metallic brake pads - what are best? Ceramic v Semi Metallic Brake Pads.pdf
Complete Serpentine (Poly-V Belt) Replacement Complete Serpentine.pdf
Approved MB Engine Oils
SLK Service Schedule (R171) SLK SERVICE SCHEDULE.pdf
DIY Battery Change Procedure BATTERY CHANGE DIY.pdf
R171 Vario Roof Troubleshooting Tree  
Tyre Reviews Website  
A nice GPS for the R171 (recommended by George)
Vario Roof Diagnostic Guide  

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