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This OZbenz website forum comment about our club from a non-SLK owner says it all – “Sounds just like what many Merc owners have long been looking for. A club catering for enthusiast owners looking for a mix of social gatherings and country drives away from the boring highways. The traditional MB clubs are sometimes criticised for offering the social contact but not much else. I, like many other Merc owners seeking a fuller driving experience, joined the Classic Rally Club in NSW. This club bases its activities around rallies in predominantly classic cars, but for many of us it is just an excuse for a spirited drive away from those busy major highways and socialising with other car and motorsport enthusiasts. What a pity your club is just for Mercedes SLK owners as I suspect there may be owners of other MB models that would be interested in your activities. Good luck with your venture!”
Under the terms of the constitution, the annual subscription fee provides joint membership for the SLK owner and nominated co-member. Co-members participate fully in this fully integrated membership system and in 2016 the first was elected to an executive position on the committee.
Join us and share the passion and the pleasure. You will not regret it.

You can find our events calendar here on our website and visit our Facebook page at We also recommend our affiliate SLK World Forum at as a valuable source of information on the use and maintenance of your car.If you found us while searching for a specialist Mercedes SLK car club, email our Secretary at for more information. We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you and admiring your lovely SLK.

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